Right in the centre of Ubud, just off the main street, Ni Wayan Rai Rupini, with her staff, are ready to welcome you to enjoy their comfortable homestay.

Built to Nyoman’s design with interior comforts dictated by Rai, you will find Nirvana a place to cherish and think back to for years to come.

Staying in a home which places great faith in traditional values you will experience Balinese life in a microcosm.

Nobody to hassle you, although the staff is ready at all times to respond to the many questions you will no doubt have.

You will be able to observe the daily rituals as they take place in every Balinese household, an experience not given to those staying in hotels.

Chauffeur driven transport is also available to take you around Bali, and advice about places of interest and ceremonial events happening in the neighbourhood which you might enjoy, is always gladly given.
 Single Room  Double Room
Rp 350.000 (fan)
Rp 450.000 (AC)
Rp 450.000 (fan)
Rp 550.000 (AC)
Twin Room Triple Room
Rp 450.000 (fan) Rp 600.000 (fan)