from 10am - 2 pm
At Nirvana Pension
(Rp 485.000/person/day)
 - Brief introduction to the “story” of batik.
 - The materials and tools used.
 - The techniques for painting with canting and brush
 - Hand colour & dip dyeing in 3 to 4 colours
 - Dyeing sequence
 - Wax removal
 - Finishing touches for final product.
(Rp 470.000/person/day)
 As above, but with the addition of :
 - expanded knowledge of types of wax and effects
   that can be created (eg. wax & cracking)
 - more variation of colour through hand painting
   and dip dyeing
 - wider use of tools (large, small spout cantings)
 - working on 2 pieces of work to utilise a variety of
(Rp 450.000/person/day)
   Includes both of the above, but allows the student
   to experiment more independently using the
   knowledge gained in the first three days to be
   more creative - yet still under guidance of the



Offerings play a significant role in Balinese life, as they appease the spirits and thus bring prosperity and good health to the family.

Offerings come in many variations from the small daily ones placed around each house everyday to the enormous ones prepared for temple festivals.

This is a day of creative fun and education. The participants will learn to make offerings from colored dough, carved leaves and bamboo. They will also learn the meaning of the daily offerings and how to perform them.

PRICE : Rp.300.000 per person (for two hours)


WITH origins in China, India and Japan, the techniques of batik were introduced to Java early in the last milennium at the time of the Chinese Tang Dynasty.

BATIK is a technique to apply patterns of different colours to cloth by dyeing in several stages and by applying wax after each stage to protect areas of unwanted colour.

NYOMAN, endeavours to pass on his knowledge and enthusiasm to students attending the batik courses at his studio.

COURSES may be from 1 to 5 day’s duration enabling students to experience the art of batik from a very basic level to a more advanced stages as desired !